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Comfy, Cozy

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Well, according to Dr. Gina, I should be making my appearance today. But it's just too darn cozy inside Mommy I don't think I'll be showing up until the new year rolls around!! Mommy, Daddy, and everyone else who are impatiently awaiting my arrival will just have to wait a little longer!!

Who knows ...maybe I'll start something in a few hours and be the first baby born in 2009!! Mommy can only hope!!

Happy New Year!!!

Guessing Game!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Mommy has come up with the idea of creating a game for family, friends, and blog-followers so that they can all guess my birthday, weight, and other stuff! With the help of a forum buddy, Mommy was directed to ExpectNet! It keeps track of peoples' guesses and once I am born, it will tally the winner!

Mommy will give everyone till the end of the week (12/20) to enter their guesses! The winner will receive a gift card to either Chili's/Macaroni Grill or Regal Cinemas. So hurry up! Get out there and guess!! (And, just to give everyone a 'freebie' ...when it asks to guess my gender ...I'm a boy! hehe!)

Mommy forgot to add a few "stats" to help you all make some educated guesses! =D

~ Mommy's weight at birth was 9lbs 9.5oz ... Daddy said he thinks he was in the 6lb range ...but Mommy swears he once told her 7lbs and some odd ounces!

~ Mommy and Daddy are both very tall, 5'10" and 6' respectively.

~ Grams said Mommy was born one day shy of 9 months to the day (but she knew the exact day she conceived too ...Mommy doesn't). It was considered "late" by doctors' standards ...but right on time for Grams!

~ My expected due date, according to Dr. Gina, is 12/31/08. Mommy's due date calculator online gave me an EDD of 1/8/09.