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My Pumpkin Head

Friday, October 31, 2008

As Mommy mentioned in her post about Vala's, Daddy picked a pumpkin out for me. Last night, Mommy, Daddy, and Miah got to work carving up their pumpkins.

Daddy helped Mommy cut open the top of mine and showed her the finer points of scraping out all the seeds and goop. Then Mommy cut out a face on my pumpkin.

Mommy and Daddy have entitled my pumpkin "Ohz", after me!

And last, but not least ...our entire pumpkin family! =D

I can't wait till next year when I'll be able to get my little hands all goopy when I help Mommy and Daddy scoop out pumpkins!

My First Outfit

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

While Mommy was out getting Halloween candy at the Dollar Tree, she stopped off at the thrift store that was in the same strip mall. Even tho I'll be here in two months, this is the first time she has really had a strong urge to buy something for me!

She found some really cute onesies, but to Mommy they looked super tiny ...and she's worried I'm going to be a big boy! Eventually she came across a 0-6 months shirt that she adored ...then went and found the pants to match it! So here it is ... my first outfit that Mommy bought for me!!

One thing Mommy loved about it was that on the front it says "#1 Little Man" ... she has been calling me her 'little man' when she talks to me. How perfect that she found an outfit that has one of her many nicknames for me on it! =D Yay!!

Mommy may go back and buy some of those onesies I mentioned ...just in case I am tiny. She also saw a cute pair of shoes there that I bet I'd look awesome in! I'm gonna be the most stylin' newborn on the block!

Could this be me?

Friday, October 24, 2008

Mommy found a link to a site called MakeMeBabies on one of the forums she peruses. The site takes a picture of Mommy and Daddy and creates a baby (that's me!) based on the two pictures used. Mommy thinks the picture turned out pretty good, but she knows I'll be so much cuter!! Hehe.

So here's what this website says I will look like:

What do you think about my little new baby Jaiden? - What will your baby look like?

So what do you think? Like I said, Mommy thinks I'll be soooo much cuter, but the computer generated me isn't too bad! Guess we'll just have to wait a couple more months to find out for sure!!

88 Days ...from Yesterday!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Mommy didn't get to post yesterday, but 88 days till I'm expected to be here!! Eight's are very special in a numeric sense to Mommy and Daddy. For instance, August 8th is Daddy's birthday.

Here's Mommy's latest belly picture from yesterday! I'm getting big!! (Ms. Colleen, the ultrasound tech, said I was estimated at 2 lbs 14 oz!) Mommy's definitely feeling it 'cause her tummy felt very heavy and tight yesterday. Sorry Mommy!

Give Your Opinion!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mommy and Daddy stepped into a gray area last night ... they found another name for me that they like -- Jackson. So, Mommy added a poll over there (*points to the lower left*) and would like to hear your opinions!

Hello, World!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

So, Mommy got a few snapshots of me yesterday when she went to the doctor's. She and Daddy finally got to see me ... but I don't think that's fair! I won't get to see them for another three months!! Guess I'll have to start practicing patience.

For those of you who haven't read Mommy's blog about her appointment, you can find it here. Otherwise, I'm sure you're just here to see my cuteness! "Get to it, baby!" Okay... okay... Maybe I'm not the one who needs to practice patience after all!

Here's me, just laying back and chillin'

Mommy put a few labels on the last picture ... she says ultrasounds can be a little tricky

In this one I'm blowing Mommy a kiss!
Saying 'cheese' to the camera ...I swear!

Already leaving footprints on Mommy's heart (or as she'd like to put it, "Kicking her in the ribs")

Yawning ... all this picture taking is making me sleepy...

And lastly, the picture Mommy will probably use to embarrass me with in front of my future girlfriend... My BOY parts...

So, that's all of them!! Well, minus one profile picture, but the one she posted was a way better picture, in Mommy's opinion. Also, for that one person that voted "It's a boy" on the poll ... you win!! =D Hehe!