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Halfway There!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mommy's finally made it to the halfway mark! Twenty weeks done and over with ...about twenty more to go (tho she's hoping it's closer to 18 or 19 ...and she prays it's not 21 or 22! hehe).

Over the next few weeks I'll be working on packing on the pounds ...and giving Mommy a few extra as well! Gotta bulk up and grow big and strong for Mommy!

This week I'm as big as a can of Red Bull ...and Mommy thinks with the way I move around and kick that that's all she's been drinking!! What can I say? I love to squiggle!!

Mommy's going to try to get more tummy pictures up, but it may be a while 'cause her internet is kaput. Thank goodness for her library! I can't wait till she can get books from there to read to me!! Let's hope I'm quiet when she takes me for a visit!

Parental Abuse

Thursday, August 14, 2008

So I gave Mommy a few good kicks yesterday afternoon while she was watching TV. I kicked so hard she saw her tummy jiggle ... twice! Then, that night while she and Daddy where playing on the computer, I wouldn't stop wiggling around. Mommy was almost tempted to have Daddy jiggle her tummy to calm me down, but she enjoys the squiggles too much. I'm sure when I get bigger it won't be as much fun when I kick her bladder or something!

Well, Mommy's almost half way there ...and I'm half way to making my grand entrance into the world. This week I'm as long as a 6 inch sub from Blimpie's (or Subway ...whichever is your favorite!). Mommy wanted to nickname me "$5 Footlong" Ohz this week, but I'm not that long yet!! She and Daddy are so silly!

On another note, Mommy's taking me out and about this weekend! We're going with Daddy and Miah to the Air Show on Saturday and E.T. Mahoney State Park on Sunday. Mommy's excited about going swimming at the park! And Daddy can't wait to see his jets! I hope it's not too loud ...good thing I have all this Mommy protection between me and the world!! You'll have to check out her blog next week for the pictures!!

Well, Mommy wants to finish her sandwich ...and I do too!! It's super yummy! So I'll talk to you later!!

Baby Dreams

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Last night, Mommy got to meet me in her dreams! In the dream, I was a baby girl and I looked just like Mommy and Grandma did when they were babies ... cute, chubby cheeks, and a full head of black hair. Mommy was pushing me around in the Perego stroller that Grandma used when Mommy was a baby. Mommy kept checking on me, making sure my blanket was all tucked in warm and snug around me (and I think she was also waiting for me to wake up ... stroller rides get me so sleepy!). If my Mommy is so loving in her dreams, I can't wait to meet her in person! Just four and a half more months, Mommy, and your dreams will come true!

Comparisons and Updated Slideshow

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mommy has known for some time now that her tummy's been getting bigger ... especially with the way I've been growing the past couple weeks. But she didn't realize how drastically until Daddy started taking belly pictures for her. Here's a comparison of Mommy when I was 4 weeks and just a few days ago at 17 weeks.

Yep, I've definitely been making myself known!

Mommy also updated her slideshow (at the bottom) with weeks 16 and 17. Mommy is very happy with how well I've been growing and she loves showing off the big belly I'm giving her!!

The Baked Potato and the Pickle

No, Mommy's not having weird cravings for baked potatoes and pickles (yet!!)! Actually, these two foods are what one of her weekly emails used to describe how big I am at weeks 17 and 18.

Mommy got very silly and told Daddy that we should just name me "Baked Potato Ohz Conkey". Daddy giggled about it all day when he thought of it ...and now it's become part of my nickname. ((Don't worry, Mommy won't go all weird, celebrity names with me!)) Tomorrow I will be "Pickle Ohz" for a week, but Daddy was so tickled by "Baked Potato Ohz" he wants to keep it around. =D

In other news, I'm just squiggling around in Mommy's tummy. She notices it most when she's sitting at the computer and it's usually around the time Daddy's home for lunch or later in the evening. I like to share my squiggles with both of them!

Mommy's been working on getting new pictures of her tummy up on the slideshow, but she says her other computer is being a 'pain in the butt' ...whatever that means. So as soon as she can get the computer to cooperate you'll get to see how much I've grown!!! ...And Mommy was pretty surprised by how big her tummy's gotten too!