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100 Days and Counting

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Just a little less than 3.5 months till I'm here. We're heading into the double digit days now!

Hey! What about me?!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Mommy had an appointment at our new doctor's office. She filled out lots of papers and talked with a very nice nurse who has Daddy's nickname (just spelled differently). But no one paid attention to me!! I started wiggling around while Mommy was answering Nurse Jamie's questions ...but I didn't get to be checked. Boooooo. I gave Mommy a good poke in her ribs too. Hehe.

Next time, when we go to see the doctor, I'm sure it will be my turn to be checked out. Maybe Mommy will even get to see me on an ultrasound!

Anyway, Daddy's bringing us home some lunch and Mommy's really hungry (me too!). Bai for now! =D

One more thing...

Monday, September 22, 2008

I just wanted to let everyone know ...I don't like Mommy and Daddy's alarm clock. I gave Mommy quite a few good kicks and swirls this morning whenever it would go off to let her know I was not a happy camper. How am I supposed to get my beauty sleep with that thing blaring every ten minutes!?

Mommy and Me

Grandma requested a (full-sized) picture of Mommy and me ...not just of me and Mommy's tummy! So this weekend, Mommy had Daddy and Miah taking some pictures. Unfortunately, the really good picture of Mommy and me was all blurry Mommy just cropped one of the other pictures.

The whole blurry picture thing only makes Mommy more sure she *needs* a new camera. She doesn't want any blurry pictures of me when I finally get here! Lastly, here's one more picture taken over the weekend of me and my family!! I can't wait to see them all face-to-face!

Six Months Down...

Friday, September 19, 2008

Mommy only has three more months left ...then she and Daddy get to see me!! Yay!! Even though my expected birthday is in January, Mommy and Daddy hope I come in December. They're very anxious to meet me!

I've finally made it to the $5 Footlong status! But let's not talk too much about that, because Mommy might start craving Subway!! Hehe!

Mommy made an appointment with an OB and she goes for a "New OB Workup" on the 29th to talk to the nurse and get history and insurance stuff taken care of. Mommy has to wait for her new insurance to be approved tho before she can go back for an ultrasound. But I'll be patient and practice waving to her till then!

Otherwise, not much else has been going on. I'm growing bigger everyday and kicking Mommy even harder. Sometimes I kick her so hard I make her tummy jiggle. Grandma requested a *whole* picture of me and Mommy, so Mommy's thinking of recruiting my big brother, Miah, to take a picture of her and Daddy. Hopefully it will turn out great! Mommy can be very picky with her photos! =D


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

According to Mommy's doctor, Dr. Wilson, that's what my heart rate was last Friday. Both Mommy and Daddy were there and were very excited to hear my heart beating strong. Daddy, especially, was relieved to hear it. Mommy knew things were okay because she feels me kicking all the time, but it's harder for Daddy 'cause he can't feel my kicks very well still.

Speaking of kicking, that wand Dr. Wilson pushed at me was annoying ... so I kicked it. This sent Mommy into a giggling fit and it took her a couple minutes to calm down. Daddy kinda instigated more giggling though! =D

Dr. Wilson joked about two heartbeats, especially since with her doppler she probably wouldn't be able to distinguish between two different beats. She *thinks* she found my umbilical cord because the sound from that was echoing. But no one knows except me if there's another Baby Ohz swimming next to me! ((Though Mommy thinks she'd be a lot bigger if there were two of us in here!!))

When Mommy and Daddy got home, Mommy looked up the old wives' tale about heart rate predicting gender. A heart rate of 150 would make me a girl. Mommy decided to do a little more 'gender prediction' tests to see what they said. The Chinese gender predictor says I'll be a boy. Two other 'tests' Mommy took said I'll be a girl as well. When Daddy gets home, Mommy wants to try the ring tied to a string method!

I've had Mommy add a new poll to see if you can guess if I'm a boy or girl. You'll get to find out in three more months!! =D

Mommy's Growing Belly

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mommy fixed my little ticker on the left side of the page. For about two or three weeks now it's been saying that I am only 19 weeks old. Hah! I've been growing a lot and tomorrow I'll be 22 weeks! But Mommy got it working again ... for the time being. Hehe. I thought it'd be neat to show another comparison of Mommy's belly as I've grown. So here we go!

The first one is at 4 weeks, the second at 17 weeks, and the last one is at 21 weeks, taken just a couple days ago. It might be hard to tell, but I'm definitely poking out Mommy's tummy more! Hooray!