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Mommy and Daddy Heart Me

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

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Mommy's Dream

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Since Mommy keeps forgetting to post this on her blog, I thought I'd help her out and tell you about the dream she had about me a few nights ago!

In the dream, Mommy and Daddy were in the kitchen making lunch/dinner. All of a sudden a baby started crying and Daddy turned to Mommy and said, "Honey! The baby!" It took Mommy a second to realize Daddy was talking about *me*.

They ran out to the living room and found me laying on the floor near the couch. Apparently, Aunt Dawn's sister, Jessica, had been watching me and turned her back for a second, and I went and rolled myself off the couch (Owie!!).

Daddy knelt down beside me as I kept wailing to check to make sure I was alright, and Mommy kept saying, "Oh my god, is he alright? Please let him be alright." Don't worry, everyone! I was just fine!!

Mommy picked me up and noticed that my clothes were all on backwards and wrong. Sorry Aunt Jess, but after this dream, Mommy doesn't think you'll be babysitting! =D Mommy laid me back down and she and Daddy proceeded to fix my clothes. Mommy kept tickling my tummy and making me giggle. That made both of us feel better after that little scare!

And that's where the dream ended. Mommy thinks it's actually a dream of her worries that she won't be a good Mommy, but I know she's going to do an awesome job. She already takes such good care of me, and I'm not even here yet! Don't worry, Mommy ... you're aces in my book!!

Drums vs. Xylophone

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

For a few months now, Mommy was pretty sure I'd be a great drummer ... with all that thumpin' I do in her tummy (not to mention Daddy's an awesome drummer!). But lately, she's starting to wonder if I'll pick up the xylophone ... I mean, I do have a tendency to poke at her ribs a lot lately. I don't blame her for thinking this! Well, at least they're both percussion instruments!